Friday, 5/20/11

Strength – Bent Over Row 5-5-5-5

5 R.F.T.
5 – O.H. Squats 135 / 95
10 – T.2.B.
15 – D.B. Hang Squat Cleans
20 – Double Unders

Bob G. ready to go!!!!

The optimal experience is something that we all unwittingly chase. Success in the experience, hard work and expertise coming together in a singular effort. The feeling that a true optimal experience provides us with is what drives us to try harder on a daily basis, bringing us closer to the reward. We remove ourselves from all the distractions and personal needs, simply to attain a balance in action and attention.

This video presents Chris Solinski amid his optimal experience. This is his “debut” competition 10k, which results in an American record. In the race, Chris removes himself from all the distraction around him and allows his experience and bodily awareness to take action. In the final 800m, he passes other competitors like they are running an entirely different race. See if you can figure out the split on his last 800m (and 400m for that matter). Enjoy the video!

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