Monday, 10-10-11

Today’s WOD (Compliments of CrossFit Fusion), where we had a great work out and a great time yesterday. We met the owner, Patty, her husband, Steve and their members. If you are ever in the Hauppauge Area stop in.
8 R.F.T.
2 – Power Snatches 135/95
4 – Push Jerks 135/95
6 – C2B Pull-ups
200m – Shuttle

– Adapted from CrossFit

CrossFit threw down with a competition during UFC Fan Expo in Houston this past weekend. This two-day competition will took place both days of the Expo. In classic CrossFit fashion, the events were not announced in advance. This competition was held to showcase what it means to be a CrossFit Athlete. The workouts were what you’d expect form CrossFit, functional and intense…with a couple unique elements. Many of the best CrossFit Games athletes are headed down south to compete in this unprecedented CrossFit competition. Grouped into pairs of two, the Games athletes competed in a series of events on Friday and Saturday along with around a 100 other CrossFitters to determine the fittest male and female pairs. 

On the men’s side, 2011’s 2nd-place finisher Josh Bridges and 2009 champ Mikko Salo were thought to be the team to beat, but they faced some stiff competition.

The events were:


“Jackie” X2
Each athlete does Jackie
Athlete 1 Row 1000, 50 Thrusters (45lbs), 30 Pull-ups. Once Athlete 1 comes off the bar after their 30th pull-up… Athlete 2 starts his/her row 1000, 50 Thrusters (45lbs), 30 Pull-ups.

winning time was 11:03

Dummy Carry Toes to bar.
Max rounds of this in 8 minutes, alternating team members each time:

Athlete runs across the stadium floor while carrying dummy (120#), puts dummy down, does 15 toes-to-bar, picks dummy back up, runs back to start. That’s 1 round. Partner then does the same work to accomplish 2nd round.

Alternating Chipper
Athlete 1 does 50 Double-unders
Athlete 2 does 50 Double-unders
Athlete 1 does 5 Ground-to-overhead (135#,95#)
Athlete 2 does 5 Ground-to-overhead
3 rounds of that for a total for 30 GTO (Next teammate can’t work until teammate completes his/her 5).
Athlete 1 does 50 Double-unders
Athlete 2 does 50 Double-unders
Athlete 1 does 5 Box Jumps, up and over (30″, 24″)
Athlete 2 does 5 Box Jumps, up and over (30″, 24″)
3 Rounds of that for a total for 30 Box Jump up and overs
Athlete 1 does 50 Double-unders
Athlete 2 does 50 Double-unders

winning time was 4:43


10 Fatbar Deadlifts, (295#,205#)
30 situps
30 hand release push-ups

Similar to Event 3, one athlete works at a time, completing each couplet before tagging their teammate.

winning time was 2:48

:90 seconds bar muscle-ups.
:60 Rest
:90 seconds, Shoulder to overheads, (185#, 135#)

winning reps were 23/26 and 19/32 for Spealler and Chan

75 ring dips, while the partner was completing ring dips the other was required to hold the chest to bar position on a pull-up bar.

20 squat snatches (155#/95#), 10 each, alternating each rep.

1500m row, each athlete was only allowed to row while their partner was holding a barbell at the top of the deadlift position (225#/185#). If the bar is put down, the rowing had to stop.

Each partner lunged 65 feet to the finish line, one after the other, carrying dumbbells, (65#, 45#).

winning time was 10:34

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